What is the Science behind the Vires5 Technology?


Do the Vires5 Products really work? How is Vires5 Technology superior to other brands in the market? Find out!


Scientific Research 




Scientific research has been done on the the following issues:

Is Vires5 harmfull for public health? Is Vires5 harmfull for the environment? Does it has a biocidal effect? Does it has a fungicidal effect? Does it has a virucidal effect? Will residues remain in water or on fresh food? 


A lot of research is done in the field and in laboratories on labscale. The best reference is your own experience.

Many testimonials can show you what Vires5 can do. Convince yourself and see what happens!



Vires5, safe for public health & environment

Level of danger public health

     1.  Eye test

     2.  Oral test

     3.  Skin test


Level of danger environment

  1. Aquatoxicity test
  2. Residue in water
  3. Residue on fresh food


Biocide Recognition




Based on all the scientific research, the Turkish Ministry of Health approved the product and recognised Vires5 as a biocide.

This means that claims can be made that Vires5 eliminates viruses (negative charged) fungi and bacteria.





Testimonials from all over the world, international experience with all kind of

applications and in different sectors. Pictures that shows the results before and after.

It is not what we have it is all about, what we do with it! 


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