Laboratory tests can be important, to prove that a product is not harmfull or that it will work.

Finally the results in the field count. All over the world, each day more and more successtories and testiminals are telling about the effect of Vires5. 

Thailand, Chaow Anuwat

Shrimp hatchery


"Proud that we have healthy Shrimps now!! Vires5 was a great improvement in our process."

Turkey, Mustafa Yildez

Milk Factory


"No contamination in the factory, with top quality we can produce top quality products, thanks to Vires5!"

Testimonial video's


Czech Republic, Agáta Novak

Poultry husbandry


"Growing turkeys is a challenge, with Vires5 we have healthy animals!"

The Netherlands, Kees de Boer



"An organic solution to get rid of the terrible smell. Finally we can breath normaly inside the factory!"

Germany, Helmut Menke

Diary Farm


"Happy to see that my cows love Vires5, their skin is shiny and the milk is delicious!"

Kosovo, Mirzat Palokaj

Dough producer


"An organic solution to extend the shelf life date of my dough! Great, thanks to Vires5!"




Testimonials from all over the world, international experience with all kind of

applications and in different sectors. Pictures that shows the results before and after.

It is not what we have it is all about, what we do with it! 


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