Vires5 Technology


a revolutionary way for growing healthy organic vegetables and breeding healthy organic animals


Imagine you are in a beautiful countryside. You hear the sound of insects, and birds singing. As you walk through the fields, the sun is shining on thousands of acres of vegetables.


Full bodied organic plants of the highest quality that give amazing yields per hectare, and all of this without using chemicals.”



This might seem like a dream, but this is exactly what happens as a result of the innovative Vires5 Technology.



Controling contamination of diseases caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria. 




Dealing daily with issues concerning contamination in the food industry.



Taking care of mortality and food conversion with healthy water.

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Vires5 stands for power, power to the fifth. The name of this technology translates the natural power of water, transformed into technology. 


International experience in agriculture, animalfarming and industrial applications to take care of diseases casued by viruses, fungi and bacteria on a natural way.






There where we use water, there where we have to deal with diseases caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria. In each part of the world, available for everyone!


Processing Food



  • Improve quality processing water.


  • Extend Shelf Life Date.


  • No additives with a natural preservative.



Animals & Crops

  • Improve quality of water


  • Healthy animals with a better food conversion.


  • Better quality of the end product.


  • Healthy crops with less pesticides.



Clean air & Indoor environment

  • Take care of bad smell.


  • Take care of contamination through the air.


  • Disinfect surfaces.


  • Disinfect instruments & machinery.